Monday, January 3, 2011


Some of us have already started our New Year's Resolution, while others have not even thought of what they are going to change or even do in this new year. I feel that 2010 was by far the worst year I have ever encountered. Thinking back to a few years ago when I lost loved ones, lost good jobs, and small things happened to me or my family. Such as in 2006, I closed a family business and thought that was a tough year. Only to be faced with a year of 2010.
The year 2010 did not start out as any other year, we were moving into a new place with the hopes of a new beginning and new dreams. It almost felt surreal to even think that things that took place in 2010 truly did not happen. Unfortunately, they have and 2011 is the time for change and a time for new beginnings!
We moved in February 2010 to a town of new dreams, only to get crushed as the weeks the by. My daughters celebrated their 11th birthday in May of 2010, surrounded by our entire family at our new place. It was like things were going right for once. My eldest sister had given birth to her new son 1 month early on May 3, 2010. This was great news!! I was an auntie again and our family was growing.
Well this was the thought when I got the call that she had given birth and my nephew would be sharing the month of May with my twin girls. Only this time, the next day the tables had flipped and our life had now took a different path.
Only to be crushed and deeply heart broken two days after my daughters birthday party. My family was given the worst news that any family could possibly receive. My eldest sister after giving birth had suffered a brain hemorrhage (stroke) and she was being rushed to the best hospital in NYS. To hear this news, was by far the worst thing I was faced with. Our family struggled to keep things together for the next hours, days, weeks, and eventually months. This event in 2010 has left a mark on my heart and I honestly do not think it will ever go away. So that is why after 3 months of seeing what my sister was going through I took the initiative to start writing a book about our family and the life we lived while travelling this journey with my sister.
I am happy to say that it is 01/03/2011 and my sister and newest nephew are doing great. They had a bumpy journey and we all joined them through it.
While juggling this with my family, it was the other troubles I was hiding at home I still had to face. You see I had lost my job and rent was not getting paid on time along with other bills, and in August of 2010 we were homeless.
As I type this the tears are still here along with the broken heart. I again have successfully failed as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I could not go on. So we moved in with my parents, long enough for us to start swimming on our own again.
This is just a quick snapshot of why 2010 was by far the worst year ever. I am making the initiative to make 2011 MY YEAR! I am setting higher goals for myself that are going to be achieved and I am going to break out of my shell completely. I am going to make a bunch of new friends, and not feel sorry for myself anymore. I am me, and no one is going to rain on my parade! They can try their hardest, but I am going to just smile even bigger and keep my head held up high !!! So it is today that I open my arms wide and welcome 2011, my resolution is to be better at all that I do and to take life by the horns and just keep smiling :)

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