Friday, January 14, 2011

Work week complete

So I officially started back to work on Thursday 01/12/2011. The company that hired me in May 2010 called and asked for me specifically through the temp. agency. I was pleased to hear they wanted me back for more projects, yet still on the fence because they cut the last project short because they could not afford me.
Yet, I have taken the plunge and added a 30 minute drive for the next 3-4 months. I needed to get out of the house and do something, waiting for the right phone call or the right job was not going to be knocking at my doorstep and I am not going to mess any of this up. I have told the staffing company that they are to continue to look for work for me, while I am doing this short term temp work, so that when it does end, I will have something to fall back onto. That way it does not leave my family short, as it did in the past.

Yet, I love the work that I do, the company I work for and the people I work with. They are all helpful and very nice to me. I have worked some odd jobs since the last time I worked there, and I can honestly say not one place I have worked since then has the customer service, the friends that come out of it and the overall experience has left me to really want to stay with the company.

I know it has been only 2 days of me working back at Sixnet, but I love doing the work that I do. Working on a major accounting software, data entry, solving problems, and helping fellow co-workers with their projects. I am a go-getter, and customer oriented in all that I do. It is in my blood, it is not something you learn one day, and I am thankful that I have this special trait. For the simple fact that no one can take it away from me.

So for 2011, the first few weeks were shaky, yet I have my head on straight. My partner in crime, well as for him right now, he is in the doghouse after the news that he told me this morning. Yes, he messed part of our plan up already and I am going to have to see if this is something I can recover, or if we are going to see if we will sink or try to hang on and swim over the next few weeks.

Either way, I AM HAPPY! I may not have the greatest car, the biggest house, the toys, or even the nice things in life (ex: new wardrobe, manicures, haircut) but I can honestly say I am happy. Yes I am crying as I write this, but they are happy tears, all because I know I made this decision and I will continue to make the decision for my future and in turn will make my life happier and more secure for my twin girls future!!

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