Thursday, January 6, 2011


Doctors are great people to help us when we just not feeling like ourselves. Yet, when we are sick with what seems like a cold, they prescribe over the counter medicines and charge us $200 for an office visit. How the hell does that help you??
I had gone to the doctor a few days ago to be told I have a cold and to treat it wit over the counter medicines and to drink plenty of liquids. And my other half was told the same yet was told that he was on the verge of developing full blown bronchitis. Does this fall under suit, that if I do develop the bronchitis that it is Mal-Practice??? Can I go back and get a refund for my insurance and tell them they never offered me any true service?
I am glad that I am mom, and I have learned some tricks of my own and some passed down to me from my mom. Nothing like taking some really strong over the counter medication that for me, truly knocked me out last night that I don't remember a thing. Then the good thing of drinking warm fluids, such as hot tea and a teaspoon of honey always seems to smooth my harsh throat.
As for the laryngitis fix, I have yet to fight a cure for that, except for keeping my mouth shut and letting my voice box rest for a few days.
So if I were you, look at all possible "cold" symptoms and if they are not what you or another person have ever experienced before then go see a professional. Though if you feel that over the counter meds could cure it, and maybe you can try it for a few days, save your insurance and yourself some time and money and try that first.

Sorry I had to vent a bit, it upsets me to see how much these doctors can get away with in times that are rough for some. They have their nice cars and nice houses, while some of us are struggling to make it work and when we do get sick, that it still money out of our pockets when we can get the right medication and be right back to work.

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